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Here, we are experts, and happy to share our experience of one of the most beautiful, pristine, unique, wide open and empty country Mongolia! Mongolia is a new emerging, rapidly getting popular interesting travel destination. 
Horse based nomadic lifestyle, heartwarming hospitality, untouched nature, edge of the blue sky and steppes are simple words to describe Mongolia. Even though, there are a lot to attract any kind of traveler.
We, View Mongolia Travel specialize in tailor made and small group active adventure, cultural and natural discovery tours by jeep, on horseback or on mountain bike to every corner of Mongolia. Our tours range from Ulaanbaatar city tour, short trips and stopovers to long journeys.
We agree “once to see is better than thousand times to hear”. Travel Mongolia with us and discover nomadic culture while captured by pristine nature.

Best selling tours
Camel Lover

Discover nomadic life, most scenic places and interesting attractions of Mongolia while traveling diverse landscapes of

from $2380

Most people picture Mongolian Gobi as a sandy flat area, sand dunes, infertile dried mud soil or…

from $1020
Mongolia Naadam Festival

The Naadam Festival is the major highlight of the Mongolian festivals. There are plenty to see and do during the festival.

from $1310
GenghisKhan Equestrian Statue

Discover centuries old nomadic way of life and travel along Genghis Khaan's trails while captured by natural beauties

from $890
Mongolia horse trekking

Discover Mongolia on horseback!
Experience and feel real taste of the country. Ride without time and space limit....

from $1580
Mongolia Horseback riding

Have you ever ridden horse in the wild with the views of stunning mountains, wide-open valleys and countless animals?

from $770
Mongolian countryside

Central Mongolia is extremely rich in historical and cultural remains of all historical periods except for...

from $960
Mongolian wrestling

On the tour, we will head to remotest northern province Khubsgul viewing the most scenic places of...

from $1300
Mongolia nomads

Taking this full of fun tour on your family vacation in Mongolia and have you and your children plenty of new experiences...

from $1135